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Yoga & Pilates

About me

Eva is a certified Yoga tune up ®, Roll model ® method, Yoga and Pilates instructor teaching public and private classes in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Movement has been a big part of her life, starting in childhood with competitive dance followed by sports and high intensity cardio classes that kept her stress levels low during university. Her love for yoga started at the first prenatal class and she continued to practice different forms of yoga ever since. Due to her lower back issues and the need for movement she found her way into Pilates class which made her body functionally strong and lower back pain free. Her movement journey led her to Yoga Tune Up ® class at her local gym and immediately felt drawn to it because of the health benefits it offered. She became certified and registered Yoga tune Up Level 1, Yoga and Pilates instructor so she can be helping people to gain the power to manage their aches and pains and be able to keep moving in a healthy, safe and balanced way. She continuously seeks ways to improve and deepen her knowledge of the human body and movement.


Pilates help you reshape and tone your muscles without causing stress and imbalance to your body. Classes use rhythmic and fluid movement to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance.  Class is based on classical Pilates mat work. No equipment necessary.


Yoga class is designed to create a sense of being one with your breath while moving through asanas (yoga poses). To create safe movement environment, body alignment is stressed.  

Yoga Tune Up® / Roll Model Method®

Yoga Tune Up®/Roll Model Method®  class is designed to improve your overall strength, flexibility and coordination by focusing on proper body alignment through the classic yoga poses.

Using rubber balls, body awareness and proper breathing techniques will bring you to a closer understanding of your own body and help you eliminate pain, improve posture